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Siva Shantha Mother and Child Health Centre

Siva Shantha Mother and Child Health Centre is the medical service wing of Shivanjali Trust, offering comprehensive, affordable healthcare to the economically weaker sections.

The centre is run on “Pay what you can” Principle and our bills are nominal. Free service is provided in deserving cases.

Started in 1986 as small clinic has been turned into a 3 level, fully equipped maternity and childcare hospital, with a holistic wing to support the services.

Thousands of poor families have benefitted out of our schemes. All this is possible because of the sacrifice of the devotees and the help from public .

Who We Are

When nature prepares a woman for nurturing a life within her, it is a period of joy and celebration for the whole family. But not so for all.

  • Our Services

    The treatment is holistic, taking in to account, the physical, psychological, social and economic back ground of the patient.

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  • 3 Months to 3 years Program

    3 Months to 3 Years program, is the brain child of our Guru His Holiness Swami Shantanand Saraswathi.

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  • Empowering Women

    We often came across women to whom life has not been fair and medical treatment alone was not a solution for their state.

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Our Motto

“No person or a child should be denied good healthcare due to their poor economic status”

We wish to ensure that by our service

  • Quality healthcare, both ancient and modern, will reach underprivileged
  • Healthy and happy families will contribute to a healthier society and thus to a healthier nation ultimately
  • Maternal and infant mortality rate will be reduced and health will be improved
  • Respect and recognition of the roots of our traditional holistic healthcare practices will increase
  • Healthy and well cared happy mothers will deliver healthy and happy babies
  • Overall increase in health standards and decrease in cost of healthcare will be achieved

Siva Shantha Mother and Child Health Centre