" We don't just deliver babies - We lay the foundation for a generation
which is healthy in body, mind, spirit and intellect "

Empowering Women

Our approach is comprehensive and a holistic one. The patient is treated as a whole, taking into consideration her physical, psychological, social and environmental background so that we get to the root of the disease and not just offer symptomatic relief.

As an extension of our health services, we help our patients to help themselves socio economically and thus break the cycle of poverty and ill health. Shivanjali Creative Arts and Crafts equips women with tailoring, embroidery and culinary skills and provides them with job opportunities. Shivanjali’s craft shop (Lavanya), Shivanjali Café, Shivanjali Sweets and Spices Centre and our tailoring cum craft manufacturing unit are all part of this effort to help women help themselves.