3 Months to 3 Years program

Our Speciality

3 Months to 3 years Mother and Child Care

3 Months to 3 Years program, is the brain child of our Guru His Holiness Swami Shantanand Saraswathi. It ensures that healthy and happy babies are born from healthy and happy mothers.

It is an ancient belief in India and a scientifically proven fact that the baby starts its life from within the mother’s womb from the 3rd month and is aware and sensitive to external stimulations. The base for the physical, mental and intellectual health and the value system of the baby is established before the third birthday of the baby.

So the quality of the baby’s life depends on the quality of the nurturing given to the mother during the pregnancy period. To achieve this goal, along with the routine components of antenatal medical care, unique programs are provided.

The services which make us unique are