" We don't just deliver babies - We lay the foundation for a generation
which is healthy in body, mind, spirit and intellect "


Audit by Centre for Social Initiative and management

The centre was solely supported by a small group of people, the devotees of Swamiji. As the building was completed, we received a major donation from Cognizant Technology Solutions to equip the operation theatre and the intervention area. It was a great help that enabled us to start inpatient care in July 2010.

After 3 years, in September 2013, CTS appointed a third party audit to check if the equipment was used effectively to treat the poor. An Officer, representing Centre for Social Initiative and management , conducted an extensive study and submitted a comprehensive report to CTS.

CSIM was so impressed by the services, that they did a cover story on the centre.

Please view it at http://csim.in/conversations/ConversationsToday-May2014.pdf

CTS also was quite happy with the report and came forward to help us again in 2016 March. Since the centre is comfortably equipped, we have asked for a rain check to help us in the coming years when there is a need.

Evaluation by One World Children’s Fund (USA)

We had the opportunity to partner with One World Children’s Fund , an NGO in the USA. One of the champions who connected both the organizations, visited us and validated our work and our centre was picked for a cover story in their annual news letter.

Please view it at https://issuu.com/stephaheckman/docs/owcf_newsletter_2014_final?e=7498797/4829738

Case Study submitted at IICC

Mr Suryaprakash, a professor in a business school and also a transaction analysis specialist, made a study of the centre and presented a paper on Spiritually inspired Social Entrepreneurship, at a convention in Mumbai at IICC.

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