" We don't just deliver babies - We lay the foundation for a generation
which is healthy in body, mind, spirit and intellect "

Specialized Services

Pregnancy Yoga

It is common knowledge that pregnancy period and delivery should be enjoyed and cherished by the expectant mothers rather than treating it as a disease. The relaxed state of the body and mind of the mother ensures the same in the child too. Hence the mother is trained on simple body movements and relaxation techniques to keep the mother healthy throughout the term and enable normal delivery. This includes dietary counseling and meditation also.

Embryo Therapy

Our 3 months to 3 years plan that takes care of the mother and child from the third month of conception up to the time the child is 3 years old and includes the physical, mental, psychological and intellectual well being of the child. Hence we have started a special training program for the expectant mothers. This is an effort to make the mother understand the responsibility and importance of the motherhood, starting from pregnancy. We teach them simple techniques to communicate with the child in the womb and also to keep a watch on their emotions, which directly affects the child.

Baby Yoga

Baby yoga, the exercise for babies is very important for the development of the digestive and respiratory system and the brain of the baby. This stimulates the functions of the body and gives the baby a feeling of confidence. The techniques of the baby yoga, is taught to the mother by our doctors. The baby and the mother enjoy this and these cherishing moments will strengthen the bond between them.

New Mom program

The first year of the baby is the time when the mother and the child establish a strong bond between them. We educate the mother on the right care to be given to the baby during this period that include regularity, food habits, social behavior and environment awareness. This forms a strong base for the baby while growing.

Adolescent health program

Aadolescence awareness program is yet another venture of Siva Shantha to reach out to adolescent children and give them guidance on managing their emotions and to build up confidence to move in the society.

Baby care service plus tuition centre for the staff

Many ladies who work in our projects have a hard time finding affordable and safe child care for their children whilst they are at work. They also spend a lot of their hard earned money in tuition for their kids. We have started both the day care and tuitions for these children. The education is holistic and purely Indian.

Regular women’s Gynaec Camp

Women in all age groups require awareness about their health. Neglecting the health results in serious, problems later in life. Hence a regular free general health check up was planned for women on Fridays.

Cord Blood Donation

The umbilical cord blood that is usually thrown away is rich in stem cells and can be stored and used to help Thalassemia and Blood Cancer. We collect the cord blood and send it to Jeevan Stem Cell Bank, a non-profit organization, from Chennai. This organization not only stores cord blood at no charge, it also offers stem cells either free or at a nominal cost.