" We don't just deliver babies - We lay the foundation for a generation
which is healthy in body, mind, spirit and intellect "


3 Months to 3 Years

It is an ancient belief in India and a scientifically proven fact that the baby starts its life from within the mother’s womb from the 3rd month and is aware and sensitive to external stimulations.

3 Months to 3 Years program ensures that healthy and happy babies are born from healthy and happy mothers.

To achieve this goal, along with the routine components of antenatal medical care, the following special programs are provided.

  • Embryo therapy – Teaching simple techniques to the mother to communicate with the baby in the womb and also to keep a watch on their emotions, which directly affects the child
  • Pregnancy Yoga – Teaching the mother to relax her body and mind and become flexible to enable normal delivery.
  • New Mom Program – educates the mother on the care and support to be given to the baby during the first year
  • Baby Yoga – Teaching the mother gentle movements and massage of the limbs of the baby for the development of systems
  • Counseling when required
  • A day care centre for children below 3.5 years