" We don't just deliver babies - We lay the foundation for a generation
which is healthy in body, mind, spirit and intellect "

Shivanjali Aroma Therapy Clinic

Good health means a perfect balance of body and mind. The natural balance depends on the effect of the five natural elements on our individual body and mind.

The influence of these elements differs from person to person and the dominance of each element causes disorders both in body and mind.

As an effort to propagate the ancient methods of healing, therapy and prevention practiced by our ancestors, we have developed this unique system, with simple methods of preventing disease and maintaining good health.

We welcome you to the world of natural health and beauty, to be pampered with Aroma Therapy massages with fragrant oils.

Who needs this Therapy?

People who need this therapy are the people who would like to

  • Stay fit
  • Stay stress free
  • Maintain their weight
  • Improve their immunity
  • Avoid medicines
  • Avoid diseases
  • Feel fresh and young
  • Lead a painless life

Today we see women working hard across many industries. Be it domestic help or CEO of a company, the stresses and challenges faced by women are similar. Very Often, while juggling multiple roles – wife, mother, homemaker as well as a career, most working women end up physically and mentally fatigued. Always putting her family before herself, the housewife too fails to care for herself properly.

Muscle stiffness, loss of bone density, chronic aches and pains, unhealthy weight gain, low self esteem, bouts of depression are some of the end results of long term stress and neglect.

Shivanjali’s Aromatherapy Clinic for women has been created to offer most needed healing services to women in need. We offer you a way to seek and find the essential you- Healthy, Beautiful and Harmonious!

We will introduce you to new avenues in life, to maintain perfect health by making simple changes in life style, regular yoga , right diet for integration of body and mind and lead a painless and disease free life.