" We don't just deliver babies - We lay the foundation for a generation
which is healthy in body, mind, spirit and intellect "

Become a Siva Shantha Kid

Siva Shantha Saving and Sharing Scheme

This is to instill values of giving and sharing in our children.

The child is encouraged to drop a coin – however small the denomination may be – everyday, with reverence, in the savings bank given.. What actually matters is that the child’s thought focuses on the less fortunate children, at least for a moment, for whom the contribution goes to.

This is NOT a donation mobilization scheme.

It is a plan by which we intend bringing more and more children close to the Divine and give them an opportunity to learn the habit of sharing, early in life.

Anybody who feels young and has a heart to give, love and serve can join the scheme.

“Little drops of water make the mighty Ocean”